As representatives of different responsibilities for the body Christ we gather for theological discussion, worship, and fellowship pertaining to a Church organization. Luke 4: 18, John 1: 14, Matthew 3:16, · Matthew 28:19

First is the table of conversation.
We recognize that each individual of the committee brings specific gifts to this table, and that all share a commitment to honest, ethical and far-ranging exploration of our differences and similarities. The table of conversation is graced by sincere questioning and respectful listening. We have discovered that miscommunication can result when shared terms carry different meanings, and have spent long and fruitful hours expanding our understanding of one another’s polity and practice. As Christians we are a people of story. In sharing the narrative of our faith journeys, as individuals and as denominations, we make of the table of conversation a place to gather in witness to the wonder and graciousness of God’s work in the world.
We believe in Jesus Christ as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
We believe in exercising the gifts of God through the power of the Holy Spirit according to Luke 4: 14 for the glory of God
We believe that the church of God is made of the five ministries as the Body of Christ
We believe that the Holy Spirit is the master of the church of Christ.

The second table is the table of fellowship.
The simple act of sitting together to share common doctrine with its emphasis on hospitality to all who gather, Whilst all of the members recognize the benefits to the community of church and other opportunities for fellowship we are in agreement to the following “Just previous to Christ’s announcement that he would build his church upon “this rock, where Christ is referred to as the “cornerstone” of the church or temple of the Lord. The cornerstone is that stone laid at the beginning of construction by which all other stones in both foundation and wall are to be measured. The cornerstone determines line, level, and plumb. It is the standard by which all else is to be built. The True Proclamation of the Word of God This is the fundamental mark, the one emphasized is Faith and that comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God .The thrust of the gospel is that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; and that he was buried, and he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures. Built Upon the Rock: A Study of the Doctrine of the Church, Marks of a True Church of Christ “good news” that Jesus Christ has merited salvation for all of God’s elect which he has accomplished for redemption.

The third table is the table of responsibilities

The third table follows the responsibilities of each committed member. A church board considers the church’s administrative and legislative policies. Approving, revising, and implementing appropriate policies falls into the purview of the church’s board of directors one of the requirements of maintaining a non-profit status is to have an oversight board. Church board responsibilities are many but the most important is to ensure that the ministry fulfils its core mission.
This is done by developing strategy, monitoring performance and ensuring church financial accountability.
Strong board governance makes certain a meaningful mission is implemented effectively.
Effective boards have an impact on the long-term viability of the organization and have a vested interest in how well the church implements the strategy of achieving its mission.
The board is made of men and women of God who are devoted to serve the Lord in the harmony of the respect of the Word of God which is in the Bible.
The board member is free to serve the Lord while he /she is from another church.
The board committee appoints a board representative to represent the church in different governmental institutions both in South Africa and outside South Africa.
The board representative is appointed by the committee members to lead the board for a certain period of time determined by the committee.
The initiator or the founder of the church (The Trinity of the Most High God) is God Himself through the Holy Spirit and represented spiritually by His Humble Vessel Brother Daniel Ouakakoutela.
All decisions from the board committee to lead the church will be based on the Word of God and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who is the Initiator or the Founder of the church, always let us hear from the Holy Spirit. The decisions of the board committee will:
Always educate to unit not divide
Educate to evangelise
Educate to successfully lead the church of God
Educate to forgive one another and promote love among members
Educate to promote gifts of the Holy Spirit and the five ministries in the church
Educate to protect the work of God
Educate to respect one another
Educate to promote Holiness in the church of Christ
Educate to support humanitarian missions for the glory of God
Educate to deliver people from the kingdom of darkness and to maintain Salvation
This is done by meeting on a regular basis while actively overseeing the key operational functions – which are church budget oversight, top leader performance evaluation, strategic performance management and legal compliance which compromises of the following;
(1) Strategic Planning
The board is responsible for articulating the church’s core mission and developing a strategy and plan to achieve it.
This is done by going through a formal strategic planning process. Develop a mission, vision and values statement as well as operational goals that map out the specific steps needed for achieving the mission.

(2) Managing Performance
The board is responsible for monitoring and holding leadership accountable for achieving business
This is done by developing annual church goals and holding the top leaders responsible by providing
them with authoritative boundaries for achieving goals.
For example, the Executive Pastor should understand the boundaries of their authority for making
tactical decisions about the day-to-day operations of the ministry.
(3) Financial Oversight
The board is responsible for the organization’s responsible stewardship, financial accountability and
This is done by approving and overseeing the annual church budget. Provide input and direction into
strategy and priority in spending to ensure that the strategy has the financial resources for
Financial oversight includes identifying independent outside auditors to perform occasional audits to
ensure good business practices and compliance with state and federal laws.
(4) Managing Compensation
The board is responsible for chartering a treasury or compensation committee.
This committee is responsible for benchmarking top church leader’s compensation, making
recommendations for pay and housing allowance and approving salaries of senior leadership.
(5) Ensure Legal Compliance
The Church board is responsible for adhering to laws that govern nonprofit organizations.
This includes the duties of care, loyalty and obedience which is the board’s responsibility to
participate in decision making and use good judgement, set aside personal interests to ensure the
organization’s interest are kept and ensures that the church stays true to its core mission by
complying with governing laws.
(6) Monitor Conflict-of-Interest
The board is responsible for ensuring there are no conflicts-of-interest and puts policies and systems
in place to ensure full disclosure of any potential conflicts within the organization or the board.
(7) Maintain Supporting Documents and Board Records
The board is responsible for ensuring all board records are kept including board minutes, mission,
vision, values statement, church bylaws, articles of incorporation and any policies that govern the
board function.
(8) Board Training
Strong boards ensure that new board members are provided the appropriate orientation and
training for their role.
This includes review of all corporate documents, job description and responsibilities as well as
understanding the legal requirements for board members.

Anyone who is chosen to be part of a church board should recognize the honour and incredible
responsibility that comes with that role. Having a good understanding of role responsibilities,
coupled with thorough training, is a great way to get a board member equipped to serve the church.

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